Chapter 176 - Aria's Temple (2)

Chapter 176 - Aria's Temple (2) 

The large Symbol grew on top of the Saurus mountain.

Latasha, who was the Lord of the remaining Elves, lay beneath the World Tree.  Latasha was better known by the name Silver Arrow.

She watched as sunlight reached her from between the foliage, and it was heavenly.

She was lying still as she felt the tree’s breathing.  She reminisced about the time when the forests sang to her ancestors.

She never had the privilege to live in such peace, yet maybe it was an instinct that was passed down through her bloodline.

"What are you doing here?"

She had been silently communing with the silent past, but Do-jaemin's visit broke her out of her thoughts.

"Ah, Count Jaemin."

He was a human of earth that had turned into a Vampire Lord.

He was in a weird and dangerous position of being the brother of the Immortal's woman.

"Were you taking a nap?"

"No.  I was feeling the World Tree breathe."

"Hmm.  I thought it was merely the Colony's Symbol...."

"It is a special existence to me."


Jaemin silently looked at the grown tree. Latasha was the first to laugh.  She saw that Jaemin had also put on a serious expression on his face when he heard her words.

"Hoo hoo.  So why were you looking for me?"

"Ah.  Tauric is gathering all the heroes."


Latasha accompanied Do-jaemin, and they walked towards...

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