Chapter 175 - Aria's Temple (1)

Chapter 175 - Aria's Temple (1) 

Minchan surveyed all the reporters.

"There's a mountain fire.  What would you do about it?"

When Minchan asked a question out of left field, a reporter in the first row answered in an unguarded moment.

"We have to put out the fire."

"What if it wasn't a fire?  What if it was an active volcano?"

Minchan met eyes with the young reporter.

"Then we have to run away."

"What if eventually there is nowhere to run away?"

"...what are you trying to say?"

"I'm saying we have a different role to play."

Minchan spoke in a confident tone.

"When one is at the scene of a fire, one would separate the rescue team, and the firefighting team."


"The king of Alandal is finding a way to permanently stop the Dungeons, which erupts more often than the volcanoes.  Shouldn't we do our best to block and endure the attacks until he does?"

The reporter had a cold expression on his face.

"What are you trying to say?"

"You don't understand what I just said?  Do they let people, who hadn't graduate primary school, become reporters these days?"

The reporter's face turned red at Minchan's combative words.

"How can anyone not understand something of that level?  I'm asking for Alandal's official stance.  Are you willing to search for this method even as all Koreans are wiped out?"

Minchan stood up from his seat in response to the angry words of the reporter.

There was nothing more ugly than a reporter, who...

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