Chapter 174 - Air Strike (3)

Chapter 174 - Air Strike (3)

-  The Dungeon Break at Daejun station was caused by lack of communication between the army and the Roused General Affairs Bureau.  The estimated casualties are....

The calm words of the anchor tickled his ears.

- The king of Alandal Kahng-woojin hasn't shown up yet, but the aircraft carrier he had purchased appeared from the sky.  Dozens of Wyverns and Wyvern Riders were dispatched, and they subjugated the monsters near the Daejun station...

It was as if his neural circuits suddenly connected.  His head started to clear, and he started remembering the past events.


Minjae let out a moan as he opened his eyes.  The thin blanket covering his lower body fell to the floor as he caught sight of his surrounding.

There were numerous beds lined up, and several people were lying within it.  Minjae had been one of the people lying in one of the beds.

- The world is suffering from the unannounced Breaks.  However, the manpower and materials needed to keep earth safe is being diverted to Alphen.  There are negative public reactions regarding....

When he turned to look at the source of the sound, he found the sound was emanating from a tv mounted on the wall.

It was a news program.  In the past, he always watched it for any news regarding the Dungeon Break.

The only thing different this time around was the fact that he had been at the site of the outbreak.  Moreover, he had been an inch away from losing his life.  He was...

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