Chapter 173 - Air Strike (2)

Chapter 173 - Air Strike (2)

Woojin looked over the hologram of the Bibi's Castle, and he nodded his head in satisfaction.  Bibi was doing a good job by herself, so it seemed he wouldn't have to worry too much about it.

Investments were great, but it would be bad if all his Points were used.  He wouldn't be able to replenish his troops, and he wouldn't be able to maintain his Domain. Many Dimensional lords lost their Domains through mismanagement.

"You keep this up even into the future.  You have to protect the Colony no matter what."

However, this was for his family.  Moreover, his return to earth hinged on the existence of the Colony.


Woojin was about to get up.

Bibi yelled out when she saw the Hologram window.

"Uh? Master.  Another Dungeon just broke."

As soon as her words ended, one could hear urgent steps as two people appeared.

One was the captain of the aircraft carrier, Park-gilsoo.  The other was Nosam, who was in charge of maintenance and design.

"It is good to see you, king!"

"I give my greetings to the lord."

The two had hastily appeared, and Woojin turned his head towards them.

"Can we see what's going on below?"

"Yes, sir!"

Park-gilsoo immediately used the screen within the control tower to bring up the map of the region below.  When he zoomed in with the screen, one could see a live high-resolution footage.

"Is that three locations?"

Jung-minchan still...

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