Chapter 172 - Air Strike(1)

Chapter 172 - Air Strike(1)


When Woojin arrived at his Dimensional Domain, it looked the same as before.  However, when he exited the Castle, the town looked totally different.


Houses were burning, and there were corpses strewn everywhere.  It looked as if they had put up a fight against the Adventurers.

The corpses had yet to be cleared away, so they were strewn in various locations.  Then there were the soldiers on patrol.  If one looked at the broken houses, one could tell the fight had happened not too long ago.


[My Lord.]

Black smoke coalesced to form Kiba, and he got on one knee.

"Did strong Adventurers come this time around?"

[It was a rebellion.]


[An uprising sometimes occurs amongst the Dimensional Residents.]


Woojin stroked his chin.

There were several factors that could threaten a Dimensional Domain.  There was the Dimensional battle, Duel requests and the Adventurers that come through the Dungeon.

There were also the possibility of a rebellion from the Dimensional residents, who had migrated here.  Then there were the thieves that intentionally came here to steal the Domain.

The difference between a Dimensional Resident and a Dimensional lord was the fact that one possessed a Domain.  There were a lot of wanderers that were very strong.  If Woojin lost his Dimensional Domain, he would wander around doing the same thing.

Moreover, there were a lot of wanderers that banded together to form their own mercenary units....

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