Chapter 171 - Oracle (2)

Chapter 171 - Oracle (2)

"You will finally find the answer, yet you will lose your way.  Illusions and truths are alike.  Life and death is also a choice."

Sunggoo turned his head when he heard the sweet voice.  He asked Melody a question.

"Is that the words given to hyung by the goddess Aria?"

"Yes, it was."

"So why is it bad?"

Melody furrowed her forehead when she heard Sunggoo's innocent question.  Jaemin also shook his head from side to side as he spoke.

" isn't positive."

"Is that so?  Hmmm.  What did hyung-nim say about it?"

"I'm not privy to..."

Jaemin's gaze shifted towards Melody, so Sunggoo turned his gaze towards her too.  She was the Holy Maiden, and she had delivered the oracle to Woojin.  She probably also heard his answer to it.

"The Immortal..."

The Holy Maiden hesitated before she repeated his words.

"Stop saying shitty things that doesn’t answer anything.  Just do a good job in gathering the Coalition...."


‘Of course, hyung-nim would say something like that.’

Sunggoo stroked his chin.

"Then there won't be any problem."


Melody had to bite her lips at Sunggoo's conclusion.  She had never expected to meet someone besides Kahng-woojin, who treated the prophecy of goddess Aria as a footnote.  No, she never expected to meet another man, who treated it as a baseless fear.

"Hyung. This is the words coming from the goddess of prophecy.  We should weigh...

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