Chapter 170 - Oracle (1)

Chapter 170 - Oracle (1)


The water from the lake flew into the air as if it was ascending into the heavens.  Each Breath let out by the Water Dragons were streams of water.  Each stream turned into something akin to sharp assassin needles.

It was hard to maintain a sane mind when watching several hundred thousand sharp needles flying through the air.

Elf Lord Latasha was hanging in the air.  She felt dizzy when she saw that attack coming towards her.

Her body was stiff as a board, and she was so surprised that she forgot to breathe.  It felt as if several dozen water drops containing the sharp energy would pierce through her.

No, it was going to happen.


Latasha let out her breath as she saw the water droplets disperse as it impacted on an invisible barrier.



It felt as if she was watching a heavy rainfall from below the eaves.  The water came flying at incredible speed, yet it dispersed into the surrounding after impacting against the barrier.  One couldn't just laugh it off when one thought about the power behind attack.

"They aren't that big of a deal."

Latasha reflexively turned her head.  She looked at the man flying in the air as he held onto the collar of her shirt.


She had never seen or hear of someone that was as unreasonable...

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