Chapter 169 - Reconstruction (2)

Chapter 169 - Reconstruction (2)

Dwarf Nosam was an expert in mechanical engineering.  He scouted out the aircraft carrier, and he returned to Bibi to give a report.

"It is excellent.  I'm surprised by Planet earth's technical skills."

"Is that so?  Will it be able to fly?"

"This is unsuitable for flight....  This ship is supposed to be used to float on water...."

"What are you saying?  Are you saying it won't be able to fly?"

Bibi's bright eyes glared at him, and the surprised Nosam bowed his head.  As a Dimensional refugee, the admin of a Colony was the next highest person in terms of ranking after the Dimensional lord.

"I'll do my best."

"That's right.  Hurry up and fix it.  I think it can't fly, because it is broken."


"Are you saying you can't fix it?"

"  I'll do my best."

"If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask.  I've received the authority to use unlimited amount of Points."


Nosam lowered his head deeper towards Bibi.  If a Dimensional lord allowed her to use unlimited amount of Points, it meant she was in his inner circle.  There was no downside in getting on her good side.

"I'll release a blueprint soon."

"All right.  I'll look forward to it."

Bibi's eyes were twinkling from anticipation.

Nosam bowed, and he was about to leave when he came face to face with Jung-minchan at the doorway.  They gave each other an awkward greeting.  After passing by Nosam, Minchan...

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