Chapter 168 - Reconstruction (1)

Chapter 168 - Reconstruction (1)

Go-shoo-shoo's army was annihilated.

They hadn't been repelled.  They hadn't had the opportunity retreat either.  They were simply annihilated.

The corpses on Go-shoo-shoo's vanished territory rose up as Undeads, and the Immortal was leading this army.

The people, who were confused, were the refugees that had hidden from Go-shoo-shoo's offensive campaign.

"I don’t believe it.  This is the prelude to a calamity."

"That's right.  What reason does the Immortal have for helping us?"

The fear and repulsion towards the Immortal was almost an instinct for these people.  Many people here had lost their family members in the war with Alandal.  They couldn't even recover their corpses as they became Undeads.

Melody was barely able to gather the people here, and they were talking in hushed voices.  They were nervous.  

The heroes, who had been the hope of the coalition, were also confused by the situation.

"What is his endgame?"

"I don't believe it.  You are saying he is doing this as an act of goodwill without any payment expected in return?"

Melody was in the middle of this dispute.

Melody thoroughly understood the confused feeling of her people.  She had also been surprised time and time again by the Immortal.  

She looked at the 6 heroes gathered here.

Graham, Tauric and Latasha was present.  Then there was the young king of the Honshoo kingdom named Kontz, Orc chieftain Krueger and the Dwarf King Raul.

"There is...

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