Chapter 167 - Entry into Alphen (2)

Chapter 167 - Entry into Alphen (2)


The goosebump inducing sound of the Skeletons hovered around their ears.

[Have I met that Elven bitch?]

[Ooh-haha!  It's a festival!  A Festival!]

[You want to make a bet?  As always, I will win.]

The Death Knights were boisterously talking, and the humans held their breath as the Death Knights passed by them.  The Death Knights didn't show any signs of hostility in their conversations, yet the humans knew how frightening they were.

These beings would cut off their heads as they laughed.

Immortal's Army.

Death's Executioners.

These beings just walked past the people.


The Skeletons and the unsightly Zombies also passed by them.  The humans were treated as if they were non-existent.



The Vesics and Tudons were helplessly taken down.

No, they were being swept away.  Once the army swept past them, the humans let out the breath they had been holding in.


They couldn't even move their mouth from feeling overpowered.

"What's going on?"

The Immortal's Army held a great hostility and hatred towards the living.  Yet they were just passing by the humans right in front of their eyes...

Moreover, the Immortal had shown up with the kidnapped Holy Maiden.

"Look over there.  We have to rescue the Holy Maiden."

"The army is at a distance now.  This is our golden opportunity."

"However, the bastard has other Familiars...."

They couldn't come to a decision....

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