Chapter 166 - Entry into Alphen (1)

Chapter 166 - Entry into Alphen (1) 

In a nameless abandoned temple....

There were several pillars at this location, and it was overgrown with weeds.  Then there were the ancillary stone fragments that used to decorate the temple.  People started coming out from between these pillars one by one.


After taking a deep breath, none other than Kahng-woojin appeared.

"It's been a while."

Woojin had purchased the 'Rhat's Temple.'  It was located on top of a mountain, and there was nothing obstructing one's view.   One could see miles around.  Of course, the view wasn't that great.

"Ooh ooh.  This place is Alphen?"

"This place looks too desolate."

Sunggoo and Jaemin had appeared behind Woojin.  They frowned as they looked at their surrounding.  The mountain was patchy with burnt trees.  There were bones and corpses that one couldn't distinguish if it was from animals or monsters.  There was a horrible stench in the air.

There were quite a few fresh looking corpses amongst the dead.

"I guess they fought each other to be the ones to enter my Dungeon."

When the abandoned Raht's Temple was purchased by Woojin, a Dungeon Reset would have occurred.

If there was no rule in determining the order in which one could attempt the Dungeon, strength would determine the order.  It looked as if a big fight had gone on here to resolve this issue.


Melody was the last to come through.  She swallowed a moan when she saw the terrible sight around her.

The entrance was collapsed, so it was hard...

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