Chapter 165 - Bibi's Castle (4)

Chapter 165 - Bibi's Castle (4) 

Woo-soonghoon came across Hong-sunggoo in one of the hallways within Alandal.  Soonghoon gave a bright smile towards Sunggoo.

"You are back?  I heard you've endured hardship."

"Uh-whew.  Don't even mention it. Anyways, was there something going on today?  I saw an entertainer here."


"You know...  It was Ms. Cindy from the Yuri Girls.  I even got her signature.  Heh heh."

Sunggoo fluttered the paper as he smiled brightly.

"Ah...  She is a high school alumni of the king and Do-jiwon-nim.  She came over for a visit couple days ago."

"Wow! Hyung-nim is friends with an entertainer?"

"Yes...  It is what it is."

"That’s big news.  Isn't her popularity on the rise as she transition towards acting?"

"Ah.  Well..."

In terms of popularity, the King of Alandal received more public interest than an entertainer....

"Hyahh.  It must be great.  It means hyung-nim ate at the same table with her."

"Hmmm.  If you like her, why don't you ask her out on a date?"

"Hul.  How could I ask out an entertainer?"


Woo-soonghoon looked dumbfounded as he looked at the embarrassed Sunggoo.

Did this guy have any idea what position and renown he held within society?

"If it's director Hong, I don't think she'll refuse."

"No way.  How could I?  Heh heh.  I got her signature, so it's fine."


Was this guy really clueless about how famous he is?

If one said Flame Man, there is no one in Korea, who wouldn't know about...

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