Chapter 164 - Bibi's Castle (3)

Chapter 164 - Bibi's Castle (3)

Over half of the participants in the assembly were representatives from foreign nations.

One of them was from Japan.  He yelled out.

"In the end, aren’t you just saying you are going to monopolize the spoils of war?"

The word, 'vanguard', might just be a pretty word to cover up the fact that Kahng-woojin was trying to monopolize all the glory.

"Then you go first."

"...what are you.."

"If there is someone willing to go before me, I welcome it.  I won't stop anyone.  I'll just go when everyone in front of me gets wiped out."


The man had nothing to say.  

Kahng-woojin had overwhelming strength.

That was the problem.  The war itself broke down if Kahng-woojin was absent.  Still, he wouldn't gain much if he just followed behind Kang-woojin's back...

"Why are you being so greedy?"


"I guess no one is taking this situation as serious as me?  I'm estimating 90% of the world's population would disappear in a month."


Kahng-woojin's words had caused a disturbance, but a heavy silence descended on the group.

"Let's not get greedy.  Let us pool our strength together."

A good number of people became trouble at Woojin's words.  Several people became surprised at his words.  Melody had been watching from the side, and her surprise was beyond imagination.

'The Immortal is trying to reason with others...'

She never expected such a thing to happen.  If she told this story to anyone on Alphen, they'll think she was making a joke.  They would tell...

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