Chapter 163 - Bibi's Castle (2)

Chapter 163 - Bibi's Castle (2) 

KH hotel.

Only the people invited could enter the assembly hall, but the content of what they would be discussing wasn't a secret.

The main participant hosting this general assembly hadn't appeared yet.

The assembly hall was decorated like a dinner party, and everyone was having a conversation as they gathered into various groups.  No one was paying attention to the food that was being laid out in a buffet style.

Everyone that had been invited were the best Roused that the world could offer.  Moreover, the main figures of the guilds were all here.

This was a gathering hosted by Kahng-woojin.  Some only needed this fact to move like migrating clouds to attend this meeting.  The medium-sized guilds weren't even able to get a seat in this event.

They were dissatisfied, but they couldn't do anything about it.

Jung-minchan caught sight of a man with drooping shoulders within the crowd.  Minchan smiled as he approached him.

“Aigo.  Is that you, president Park?”

Hammer guild's president Park-sahngoh was about to drink his beverage, and it had gone down the wrong hole.  He let out a cough.

“Hmm.  Kmmm.  Should I call you Prime Minister Jung now?”

“Ha ha ha.  Yes, I am Alandal's Prime Minister.”


At one time, he had been the president to this former team leader, who had been in charge of a lower end support team.  There was an awkward apprehension that was unfolding between them right now.

“I heard you had a hard time trying to set up this general assembly.”

"It was ridiculous.  Various guilds threatened me for...

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