Chapter 162 - Bibi's Castle

Chapter 162 - Bibi's Castle

“Yes. They'll all be safe.”

Woojin was very serious about this subject.

While he was out in the battlefield, he had to believe that his family was safe.  It wasn't just about his workers.  Woojin's mother and Sooah would be here.

“What happened to Kim-kahngchul?”

“He completely fell off the radar.”


The bastard will someday try to contact him again.  Woojin didn't need to put much effort into catching him.  He had more important tasks to accomplish.

“When is the guild general assembly?”

“It is scheduled to be at 7 at night.”

“We still have a lot of time left.”

It was a little bit past 9 in the morning.  There was quite a lot of time left until dinner.

“Ah.  The aircraft carrier is anchored at the Busan Port.”

Woojin had been heading towards Alandal, but he stopped walking.


“Yes.  However...”

“What? Is there a problem?”

“We've sent employee ahead to receive it at Busan, but it seems the aircraft carrier is not in a good state.”

“So they gave me an old one.”

The aircraft carrier was going to be put out of commission about 5 years ago, but the UK lent it out to India when they asked for its use.  In Alandal’s deal, this same aircraft carrier was sent to Korea.

Jung-minchan had a slightly seriously expression on his face, and he carefully spoke to Woojin.

“If you don't like it, I'll renegotiate the deal.”

“It's all right.  Can it move?”...

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