Chapter 161 -We are the New Recruits (2)

Chapter 161 -We are the New Recruits (2)

‘I'm dead.’

Kim-joonyong already had this thought before, and this thought had repeated itself countless of times.

The ground was sticky, and the overgrown trees were blocking his vision.  It caused him to feel irritated.



He was now used to the sound of the Lizardman's cry.  It was telling its comrade to gather, since it had found the preys.  Unfortunately, the preys was the humans.

The prey was his Alandal comrades including himself.

[There are two target to your 9 o'clock.  Set the trap, then retreat to your 3 o'clock.]


When Haesol's commands rang out in his head, Joonyong hurriedly set the magical trap, and he retreated. Unlike his grumblings, his footsteps didn't cause any sound as it brushed by the surrounding vegetation.  His movements were stealthy.


At the sound of the trap's activation, Haesol's additional order rang out in his head.

[Rejoin the team by heading toward your 7 o'clock. You'll be participating in the close combat.]

Joonyong hurriedly oriented himself towards the direction indicated.  The battle wasn't too far away from where he had set the trap.


His comrades will be there.


He let out a shout of concentration, and he started running with a low-grade sword in his hand. It was something he stole from a Lizardman.  It had a pretty good balance, so it was quite useful.



He was trying to extract the sword that was stuck on its thick hide.  Joonyong was frantically kicking at the Lizardman, and he gathered his magical energy to emit an...

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