Chapter 159 - God of Earth (2)

Chapter 159 - God of Earth (2) 

There was a crowd of people in front of Sooah's room.  When Woojin arrived, he saw Do-jiwon and Cindy within the crowd.


Jiwon's voice was filled with worry and misery.  However, she couldn't console Woojin.  No, it wasn’t a situation where she needed to console him.

The unconscious Sooah had just woken up.

“I'll talk to you later.”

“All right.”

Woojin walked past the people, and he entered the room.  His mother's face was filled with tears, and her nose was running.  She feebly turned her head towards him.

“Woojin-ah… My Sooah...  Sooah doesn't recognize her mother.  Hoo-oohk.”

“It's all right.”

Woojin patted his mother on the back.

She had temporary amnesia?

She had become a Priestess that will deliver the divine words.  However, he had never encountered a situation where the host's memories were erased.

It wasn't an amnesia.  Some being had borrowed her body, and its aura was surrounding the small girl.

A god was manifesting itself by borrowing the body of the priestess.

Currently, this girl wasn't his dongsaeng, Sooah.  It was literally the unknown god itself.

“Please leave for a moment.”

Lee-soogyung's feet was heavy from worry, but they weren't going to get anywhere by her staying here.  She exited the room.

When the room was occupied by the two of them, the being opened her closed eyes.

A blinding light was leaking out of her eyes.  It was almost impossible to face...

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