Chapter 156 – Recruitment of Roused

Chapter 156 - Recruitment of Roused

When Woojin arrived at the Dimensional Domain, he sent his Will towards his strategist Do-jaemin.

[What are you doing, Jaemin?]

[I'm beating up a really big bear.]

[What about defending the Portal?]

[Uh? We have to defend it?]

Of course.

He had left open a return portal just in case they wanted to return.  It led directly into the lord's castle of Alandal. It was his fault for not giving them a heads up, so he could only let out a sigh.

[What about our loot? I left it open, so you can move it.]

[Ah. Is that how it is?  No wonder the portal didn't close after I returned.]


[We are traveling around using a wagon, but there are too much stuff.]

[Wait a moment.]

Woojin wondered if there was a better solution to the problem, and he found the answer in the Dimensional Domain's Admin option.

He assigned points, so his vassals could use the storage room at their discretion.  He gave Jaemin, who was his strategist, access to his Dimensional Storage room.

[Open the Inventory.]

[What? Inventory? Ooh-ahk!  What the hell is this?]

[Put all the loot in there.]

[Wow. Jackpot.  Wow.  This is amazing.]

Jaemin kept letting out exclamation as he put all the loot into the storage.  New Items were uploaded into his Inventory.

“Hmmm. A Domain administrator….”

The Domain residents used the Dungeons to explore and hunt...

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