Chapter 155 - Alandal in Seoul (2)

Chapter 155 - Alandal in Seoul (2)

[Hah.  He asked for an aircraft carrier?]

[Yes, that is what he said. The British Monarchy and the Parliament went over the decision.  They came to the conclusion that the Dimensional Fragment was a very important Item, but they decided the aircraft carrier as a payment was an unreasonable. Instead, we propose dispatching an aircraft carrier to the East Sea for 5 years.  It will shore up your defense...]

It was such an enormous offer that Soonghoon's mouth dropped open.

He had never thought about this before. He couldn't keep the surprise and confusion off of his face. He had lost the pace of the negotiations through his own fault.  He had basically gave up the upper hand in the negotiation.

[We can come to an agreement on the money it takes to operate the aircraft carrier. If we split the cost down the middle, we'll agree to station it here for the next 5 years.]

[This isn't something I can make the call on. I'll have to meet the king later on, then...]

As Soonghoon was speaking, the door suddenly opened, so he shut his mouth.  The person he had been waiting for had appeared.

“I guess everyone's here.”

“Welcome back.”

Jung-minchan greeted Woojin in a welcoming manner.

An aircraft carrier wasn't a child's toy, yet he was asking for it so matter of factly.  He wondered how valuable this Dimensional Fragment was...

When Woojin saw the negotiation group from Britain, he immediately asked a...

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