Chapter 154 – Alandal in Seoul

Chapter 145 - Alandal in Seoul

He stood opposite of Liah on a frozen land.

He had expected her to be enraged, but Woojin's prediction was way off. Liah didn't mince words.  She brought up the reason as to why she was here.

“Do you mind if I make you an offer?”

“You challenged me to a Duel, yet you want to give me an offer?”

“I don't have a point of contact on the planet anymore.  You destroyed all the footholds I had on Planet Jaku.”

If one wanted to visit the Dimensional domain of others, one had to go to their Dungeons.  This was why the only way she could meet with Woojin was through Dimensional battle or Duel.

“So you want to give me an offer instead of pursuing your revenge?”

“After I was revived, I heard the news on what happened. In truth, I was a little bit surprised. You seem to have the power to act with reckless bravado in regards to protecting your planet.”

“Reckless bravado….”

“Ah, sorry. It doesn’t matter of if you are strong or not.  You are trying to do an impossible task.”

“Are you desperate to be killed again?”

Woojin took out his Warrior's Weapon. Her method of battle was probably the same as before.  She wasn't smoking a cigarette this time, but he thought she was trying to buy time through their conversation.

“Woah.  Calm down. I'm suggesting an alliance. Instead of crossing swords with a person of significant power, it would be more beneficial for me to join up with you.”

“Don't you have any pride?  How much did you lose to me?”

“If I can get an alliance with someone as strong as you,...

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