Chapter 153 - Thrash’s Protection (2)

Chapter 153 - Thrash’s Protection (2)


Dolsae's iron fist put his opponent on the floor.

Koong, koong.  Hooooooohng, kwahng!

Dolsae’s movement was unbefitting of his bulk. Dolsae took an agile leap to land on top of his opponent.  Dolsae immediately put pressure on the head of his opponent.


A drake was being squashed on the floor by Dolsae.  It spread apart its alligator-like mouth to let out a moan.

Where the hell did such monsters show up from?

Woojin approached the drake, which was completely pressed to the ground under the weight of Dolsae.

“Are you on the Yellow Lizard's side?”

[Goo-roo-rook.  I'm part of the Black Hats coalition.]

“Uh? I guess not all lizards join the Yellow Lizard coalition.”


Woojin shrugged his shoulder as he took off his cape.

“Well, whatever.”

He draped the cape from the Thrash's Protection over the Drake's nose.  He waited for something to happen, but nothing happened.

“Hmmm. Maybe it has to wear the cape.”

[Koo koo.  You stupid bastard.  You don't even have the Code, yet you took a cursed Items for yourself.]

Woojin tilted his head in puzzlement.

“You know what this is?”

[Isn't this an Item from Thrash's set?]

“Ah, yes. What is the Code?”

[You aren't qualified……. Do you think I'll just give you the answer so easily?]

It seemed the Drake knew it was done for, so it growled as it shut its mouth.  Woojin...

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