Chapter 152 - Thrash’s Protection

Chapter 152 - Thrash’s Protection


[Did you call me?]

At Woojin's call, black smoke solidified to form Relick.  He was on one knee as he showed his respect.

“Bring me that.”


“Cut down anyone, who gets in your way.”

[…I follow your order.]

Since he knew what the piece of cloth hung atop the tower meant to his people, he hesitated before he moved.

Relick almost flew towards the tower, and he brought back a billowing piece of cloth.  There was unrest in the town, and a group from the Ratick tribe came running towards them.

Woojin took the piece of cloth being offered respectfully by Relick. The Warriors from the Ratick tribe started backing away in fear when they saw this.

‘Thrash's Protection.’

The Protection Cape was part of the Trash's Set Items.

He never expected to see it here.


Accompanying a booming shout, an old man from the Ratick tribe appeared.  The Warriors respectfully bowed their heads towards him.


He was the highest ranked adult here.  He was their leader.

Chieftain Pepio glared at Woojin.

“That's the God of Destruction's holy relic!  It isn't an item that should be taken by a lowly Predator!”

“You know about the God of Destruction?”

At Woojin's question, a vein bulged out from the side of Pepio's neck.

“He is one of the Primal gods.  Even the ignorant and arrogant Predators runs away from him.”


Woojin smiled.


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