Chapter 150 - Planet Jaku (2)

Chapter 150 - Planet Jaku (2)

Woojin stood in front of the building that was the center of the Colony.

It was a tower made out of steel, and a green light was surging forth from the top of the tower.

<You've cleared an ownerless Colony.>

<You have the choice of Destruction or Occuptation.>


Was this choice given to him because the Dimensional lord was dead right now?  

For a brief moment, Woojin thought over the additional option he was given.

“Master! Give this to me. Please give me this castle.”

Bibi stamped her feet, but Woojin came to a decision.

“It'll be meaningless.”


What was his goal?

Was he like the other Dimensional lords, who were focused in raising their rankings?

The Colony and the numerous Dungeon buildings were important in gaining the currency called Energy. Energy was important in determining the ranking, and he would be able to plunder this place endlessly....

However, his goal wasn't to conquer other planets.

“I'm going to destroy it.”

Woojin chose the Destruction option.

Koo-roo-roo-roo, kwah-ah-ahng!

The steel tower fell over, and it exploded.

Additional explosions occurred as the entire city was destroyed.

<You've gained a Dimensional Fragment.>

<You've gained 50 thousand point through Destruction Compensation.  >

<You've looted the Dimensional lord 'Liah's Storage'.>

<You've gained a necklace called Rahim's Curse.>

<The bulky and long....>


The randomly looted items were automatically deposited into Woojin's Inventory.  Woojin shook his head...

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