SSN: Chapter 144 - Colonies (2)

Chapter  144 - Colonies (2)

The monsters had spread out with the colony at its center.  However, Woojin didn't need to run all over the place to catch the monsters that were intent on killing the humans.

He was going for a straight rush towards the colony!

The monsters were under the control of the Dimensional lord.  Their foremost goal wasn't to hunt down humans.  It was to defend the colony. The colonies on the planet were basically like Dungeons.

It was like Rashmode's Summon Magic Circle.  Instead of subway stations, these were artificial Dungeons built on the the surface.  It was called the Dimensional Gates.

When Woojin slowly advanced, it was as expected.  The monsters that had been attacking in other directions converged towards him. This in turn grew the size of Undead army.

Every point Woojin gained from the Level Up was put towards the Control.

The Skeleton Warriors were all under the command of the Death Knights, and each Death Knights required only 1 Point to be consumed.  He had Lich Jaenis, who had become level 99 in an instant, and 10 Skeleton Magicians were put under his control per level.  He could control a total of 990 Skeleton Magicians.

The combined Control Points he needed to maintain the Undead army, the Death Knights, Lich, Golem, and the little devil was less than 100.

The rest of his Control was used on his other underlings.



The corpses were reanimated...

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