Chapter 143 - Colonies

Chapter 143 - Colonies

The Colosseum was seized.

Several dozen Dungeons broke nearby, and the monsters gathered around the Colosseum.  It was a very important historical site, so the government hesitated in sending in their armed forces.  They wanted to protect the site.

Roused subjugation teams were formed, and they carried out mission to lure and annihilate the monsters.  The plan worked pretty well.

Whatever plan they carried out they had to do it before the colony was completed.  After a day,

the large tree that had grown inside the Colosseum started letting out a light.  Until that point, the monsters had been calm as if they were gathered for a reunion.  Afterwards, the monsters simultaneously ran amok.

No, it was closer to a march.

The city was destroyed, and the army retreated.  The Colosseum became a foothold, and the only remnant of humans were their corpses.

Doo doo doo doo! Tee-tee-teeng!

It was a fierce battlefield where machine guns were firing relentlessly towards the charging monsters.


The enormous monster's ogre leather was so hard that bullets couldn't penetrate it.

Koong, koong!

The ogre took big strides as it ran.  It was about to reach the camp.


Rocket launchers simultaneously launched their projectiles, and the rockets hit the target. Chunks of flesh was ripped away from various parts of the body, but as it was falling down from its charge, it threw its...

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