Chapter 142 - Meteor (2)

Chapter 142 - Meteor (2)

News was coming out from the large tv inside the meeting room.

-Before the Dragon infesting Namsan died, it is theorized that it had summoned a meteor.  It has been a week since that event.  You can see on the screen that there is a big hole was created in Namsan, and any trace of the old tower cannot be found.

Namsan was burnt to the ground and countless buildings were destroyed.  The roads were destroyed without leaving a trace behind.  It was hard to think this place was Seoul, but the shock felt by the civilians weren't that large.

Maybe it was because they had already experienced a very big calamity called the Dungeon Shock.  Seoul quickly found its equilibrium.

The civilians were actually feeling a sense of pride instead of being worried.

-Alandal's Mr. Kahng-woojin predicted the meteor summoning, and the civilians were able to quickly evacuate thanks to his information. The Dungeon Breaks happened simultaneously around the world, but the most prepared city had been Seoul.  Mr. Kahng-woojin's familiars took an active role in suppressing the monsters early on....

Short videos that were shot and submitted by citizens were being replayed.  There was a video of the Iron Golem fighting the monsters.  There were also videos of several thousand Skeleton Warriors and Death Knights succeeding in killing the monsters.

-The shockwave caused an earthquake that could be felt in Cheonan.  However, the Alandal guild's private land didn't...

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