Chapter 141 - Meteor

Chapter 141 - Meteors


The aftermath of the explosion was incredible. Several dozen Skeleton Mages were swept away.  Woojin was hunting by himself, so fortunately, soldiers and his familiars weren't by his side.


The wrecks of the leftover buildings were swept up into the shockwave, and it was dispersed into the surrounding.  When the dust settled down, Woojin retracted his barrier then he approached Jaenis.

“How does it feel being released from the seal?”

[Do you think I had fun during the time I had lost?]

Woojin shrugged his shoulders.  He'd never experienced being in the Room of Seal, and he never experienced death.

“You probably have a lot of questions for me. Let's tidy up the battlefield first.”

[That sounds like a good idea.]

“You should team up with Ramson.”

[I'll do so.]

Woojin quickly grabbed Jaenis, who was about to disappear.

“Oh yeah.  Don't kill any humans.”

[Your words make no sense.]

“Don't kill them.”

[…as the lord wants.]


Jaenis disappeared as his body turned into black smoke.

The Lich never went back on his spoken words, so he wouldn't harm the humans.  This will cause the eradication of the monsters to be slowed down.  However, he couldn't torch the entire cottage, because he wanted to catch the bedbugs.

If Woojin hadn't cautioned Jaenis, he would have indiscriminately bombarded the city of Seoul.

That would have been the...

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