Chapter 140 - Lord of Pestilence (3)

Chapter 140 - Lord of Pestilence (3)

“I see you are really dedicated to your studies.”

“No, I'm not asking, because of that....”

“Stop trying to rush me too much. He'll be coming out sometime today.”

“No.  I'm not trying to rush you….”

Sunggoo had wanted to ask if the Lich was needed in solving this current situation.

“I'll make a guarantee.”

Ah. Sunggoo felt uneasy.

“You just have to survive.”

Woojin put his hand on Sunggoo's shoulder.

“Then you will become the best Flame magician.”


He didn't get why his life be threatened just from learning magic....

“Go rest a little bit more.”


Woojin strode towards the hiccuping Holy Maiden. As if she was guilty of something, the Holy Maiden flinched in surprise.  She didn't know what to do with herself.

“Were you just reciting my history?”

“I...I've committed a grave sin!”

The Holy Maiden fell to her knees, and she bowed her head. Woojin reacted by putting on a sour expression.

“…unless you really want to die, why don't you get up?”

She was a priestess, who was chosen to serve her goddess.  She was the Holy Maiden yet she kept bowing to him.  When the Holy Maiden tried to keep proper decorum towards him by bowing to him, it felt as if he was being treated the same as a god.  He didn't like it.

He was human.


The Holy Maiden abruptly got up.  Woojin frowned as he asked her a question. He didn't care if she was talking about him from behind his back.  

He was more interested in Alphen's history.

“The first Dungeon was linked to Alphen around 200 years ago?”...

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