Chapter 139 - Lord of Pestilence (2)

Chapter 139 - Lord of Pestilence (2)

Alandal was under intense pressure.

“W...what should we do?”

Haesol was flustered as she asked the question. The Wyverns were using Namsan as a base.  The Wyverns were spread wide across the sky, and they had started an indiscriminate hunt.  Unfortunately, the sky wasn't the only place with monsters.  There were several times more monsters gathered on the ground.  Every time the Dragon let out a rough roar, the monsters spread outwards with Namsan as the center.

The soldiers had formed a rough battle line, while the monsters had been gathering.  The army started their bombardment.

“What do you mean what should we do.  We do what what we can."

Sunggoo's word allowed Haesol to control her feelings. He usually looked few cards short of a full desk, and at times, he looked like a simpleton.  However, when an urgent situation like this cropped up, Sunggoo's words had a profound effect on her.

He wasn't simple, because he was lacking in terms of intelligence.

He had been trained to be like this by Woojin.

“We just have to block the monsters that come here. We just have to do as much as we can, and hyung-nim will be here by then.”

Sunggoo raised his sword, which had been gifted to him by Woojin.


His sword was covered with flame.  No, his weapon weapon wasn't the only thing covered in flame.

Sunggoo's entire body was swept up by fire.

“Holy Maiden. If I'm about to die,...

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