Chapter 138 - Lord of Pestilence

Chapter 138 - Lord of Pestilence

Bibi's large clear eyes had a strange appeal of catching other people's gazes.

No.  She was from the demonic race, so should this be called her magic?


Dolsae reeked of blood.  He was roughly charging towards the group when Dolsae hesitated.

He gradually slowed down to a walk.

“That's our Dolsae-jjing. Are you a good boy?”

Blood started to melt off him at every step he took.  His body started to shrink as blood pooled on the floor.

“Is our Dolsae-jing angry?”


His anger had run away from him. He was like wild animal that had escaped from his cage.  He felt hatred towards the living. However, Bibi's voice transformed into a warm energy, and it caressed Dolsae's Heart.

“Noonah understands.  Why don't you let go of your anger now?”

Bibi's small hand touched Dolsae's head.



The hardened blood around the Golem's Heart quickly melted away. The sticky blood was soaking her shoes, but Bibi didn't move an inch.


When the blood disappeared, the Golem's Heart was back to being a light essence, and it circled around Bibi's head.  Bibi grinned as she pointed her staff towards the cars located on one side of the parking lot.

It was a location close to the entrance of the broadcasting stations.  There were sparkling cars that looked to be luxury cars.

“Heheh.  Our kind Dolsae. They say those cars are more sturdy.”


Dolsae pulled together couple cars,...

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