Chapter 137 - Blood Golem (2)

Chapter 137 - Blood Golem (2)

“Hmmm.  That's a big cat.”

The enormous puma named Jupia growled when he heard Bibi's brief observation.

[No one who has talked to me that way has lived afterwards.]


Bibi turned her head away after looking at Jupia.

[You are quite spunky.]

Jupia narrowed his eyes as he observed Bibi.  As he stalked towards her, he continued to analyze her. After fighting in Dimensional battles for a long time, he had learned not to judge an opponent by their appearance.  It would be preposterous if he did.

The child was letting out a serious amount of energy.  

Jupia, who had been approaching, stopped his approach.  While they were glaring each other, the world started to change.

Snow started to fall from the sky. He hated snow the most.

‘Ice magic?’

Jupia vigorously shook his head.  This felt different.

This wasn't material magic.  It was mental...

Jupia's yellow eyes flashed.  He bared his white teeth toward Bibi.  He knew this child felt a bit different from other humans, and he finally realized the source of the of deja vu he was experiencing.

[You are a Night Hag.]

She wasn't a human.  She was a demon. To be precise, she was a Nightmare Succubus, who was capable of controlling other’s dreams.

Light shot out of Jupia's eyes, and it illuminated the world.  The snow disappeared, and the surrounding scene melted away.  Then Jupia was able to see...

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