Chapter 136 - Blood Golem

Chapter 136 - Blood Golem

“Why is there so many of them?”

Woojin frowned as he looked at the monsters gathering to form a horde.

These bastards acted the same way as the monsters on Alphen.  

They’ll occupy a region, and they'll start establishing a colony.  Then they'll start drinking the Earth's energy....

“Shit.  Mivich that bastard.”

He had wasted too much time fighting that bastard.  If it was only the lost time he had to worry about, he would have been fortunate.  However, he had lost 10 Death Knights in the fight.

“The Innate Domain Skills are a pain.”

In the Clear mode, one is attempting to fight a lord with the rank of an Adventurer.  There was a lot of advantage in a lord being able to use one’s Innate Domain Skills.

If he met Mivich on earth or Alphen, two Death Knights would have been enough to take him down.  However, he had shown a terrible amount of power inside his Domain, and he had taken 10 Death Knights with him.

“Where should I clean up first?”

There were 7 locations where the monsters were gathering around Seoul.  It was probably seven Dimensional lords settling in and constructing a colony.

It would be troublesome if those bastards set up bases, so he had to get rid of them as soon as possible.

“That bastard didn't even leave a cellphone before he left.”

Before he entered the Dungeon, he had given his handphone to Soonghoon for safekeeping.  The support team that should have been waiting for him had gone off...

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