Chapter 135 - Mivich (2)

Chapter 135 - Mivich (2)

Mivich laughed.

“Why do you think I'm here?”

“Are you retarded? How the hell should I know?”


Woojin's words must have shocked Mivich, since his eyes were shaking. Afterwards, he let out a huge laugh.

“Ha ha ha. You were always like this. As expected.  As expected of the Immortal!”

Mivich's words were filled with sarcasm.  Woojin frowned.

“Does your goal align with the Holy Maiden?”

“Holy Maiden? Melody? Ho-oh. Is she still alive?”


What bullshit was he spouting again?

He had thought the Holy Maiden was dead?

“Ha ha. Fate is quite the fickle mistress.”

“Stop talking in circles.  Why not just speak plainly?”

Mivich laughed at Woojin's temper.

“Ha ha. It seems you aren't immune to change either.”

“I changed?”

“You are impatient now.”


Woojin's eyes blinked.


He had been impatient.

He relaxed his features, and he smirked.

“Well, all right. I acknowledge it.  I was impatient.”

“Ho.  You acknowledged that?  I never expected the Immortal to act this way. The vengeful spirits of Alphen would probably revive just from the massive shock.”

Woojin shrugged his shoulders at Mivich's playful words.

If he wanted to play, then he'll play.

“The Holy Maiden is helping me.”

“Ho.  So she betrayed us?”

“You are the traitor.”

“…that isn't something you should talk about.”

In the first place, the...

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