Chapter 134 - Mivich

Chapter 134 - Mivich

Ddi-deek, teek.

The fluorescent light blinked on and off.  The members of the Hot Girls looked at each other in surprise. The light looked as if it was about to turn off when the building shook.

“What is that? Did you just feel that?”

“Is it an earthquake?”

There were several new groups inside the ready room including the Hot Girls.  Soolgi grabbed the hands of her group members as she looked on with worry in her eyes.

“We'll be fine.”

The evacuation alarm rang out immediately after she spoke her words. The noisy siren let out a bright light.



“What? What's wrong?”

The sudden sound of the siren, a screaming person and the disarray of people caused the waiting room to devolve into chaos. Hot Girl's Soolgi was also taken aback.

She remembered the evacuation directions she learned from her school curriculum, so she yelled out.

“Shelter! We have to get to the shelter.”

After the Dungeon Shock, every building was required to construct a shelter within.

Soolgi's words caused the frightened people to rush out into the hallway.  It was the middle of the day, yet the hallway was dark with the light off.  It amplified the fear being felt by the people. Everyone rushed towards the sign of the fire exit.

When one person started to run, everyone followed suit. Soolgi felt a sense of danger.

‘We should evacuate slowly and...

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