Chapter 133 - Bloody Reunion (3)

Chapter 133 - Bloody Reunion (3)

When a Reset Dungeon was linked to earth, a Return Stone was formed.  The proper Synchronization process hadn't happened, so there was a 120 days wait period.  However, the soldiers of the Domain was armed to the teeth as if they were immediately going into battle.

“Yo-ho-ho.  Get ready.”

This Dimensional lord was a large spider-human.  Her name was Sharot.  Lee-sahngho relaxed his nervous body when he heard Sharot's words.

‘I'm returning to earth.’

Lee-sahngho had become dulled through his death and revival.  Still, his heart started to beat faster at the tingling sensation when he thought about his home planet.

After a brief moment, the red portal was formed.  An extremely nervous man appeared.

He became guarded when he saw the monsters.  Soon, he came to his senses, and he headed towards the Return Stone as he surveyed his surrounding.

“The Linker is here.”

Sharot's army didn't attack the human.  The human disappeared when he took the Return Stone.

“Yo-ho-ho. Shall we go fight?”

She was very experienced in colonizing planets. The early sacrifices couldn't be helped, but the thought about the reward made the loss acceptable.  The human from earth, who was the Linker, would open the barrier on his own volition.

The unfortunate part was that they hadn't completed their synchronization.

<You are entering the Planet Earth. Seventy four percent of your ability will...

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