Chapter 132 - Bloody Reunion (2)

Chapter 132 - Bloody Reunion (2)

The Chaos mountain was the tallest mountain on Planet Jaku.

It was the base of the biggest power on Planet Jaku.  They were the Yellow Lizards, and all the Dimensional lords affiliated with the organization was holding a meeting.  There were a total of eight of them.  They were all diverse in their appearance.

There was a road with large columns lining each side.  There were Dimensional lords present on top of each column, and they looked down at the human, who was walking down the road.

“Yo-ho-ho.  That human is the messenger sent by the Great lord Iello-nim?”

“He's pathetic.  At a glance, he is a disposable item.”

Lee-sahngho  could clearly hear their conversations, but he made no comments.  No, he didn't dare to speak.

On top of the tall columns, there was a Titan, who was over 10 meters tall, and other grotesque beings of unknown races.

There were also those, who looked akin to humans, but the oppressive feeling they let out was no joke.

Lee-sahngho felt their attention on him.  His legs shook from the strain.

After passing the road lined with the giant columns, one came upon a tower.

This was the highest location on the peak of Chaos mountain.


Rajakui, the Gold Dragon, took rough breaths as he appeared.

[What does a messenger of Iello-nim want with me?]

Iello's messenger Lee-sahngho felt...

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