Chapter 131 - Bloody Reunion

Chapter 131 - Bloody Reunion

The Dimensional Domain of Alandal was developing quickly as each day passed.

When the territory taken from Liah was added, Alandal's size had increased by 10%.  Moreover, the Mercenary guild and the Goblin Research Facility was put in place.

When one exited Woojin's castle on top of the mountain, one immediately entered the street for commerce.

There was quite a lot of variety of stores on the street.  It wasn't crowded, but the place was very lively.

The profit earned from the commerce buildings was slowly raising the Domain's Dungeon Energy.

After exiting this street, the mountain road had houses of the Domain residents interspersed along the way.  If one traveled down the road a little bit more, the military facilities were built next to each other.  Then there were the additional land that had been added to the Domain, where the refugees were staying.

Woojin didn't have to go to Jaemin's house to meet him.

Woojin was about to walk past the cafe when he came to a stop.

“Uh? What are you doing here?”

Woojin tilted his head in confusion when he saw a teen sitting at the terrace of a cafe.

“You are back, hyung?”

Woojin sat in the seat opposite of Jaemin.  He quickly surveyed the place.  The place was way more modern compared to the pub where the Death Knights played their card games.

It seemed someone missed the modern sensibili...

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