Chapter 130 - Liah (2)

Chapter 130 - Liah (2)

The Orc Rider guerilla unit lead by Bibi was starting to attack the opponent's base.  The status of the battle was dramatically turning in favor of Bibi.  Even a Wyvern Nest had been built, and their Tech Tree had been upgraded.  In a flash, the enemy's base had been been captured.

<You were victorious in your Dimensional Battle.>

<As a reward for the Dimensional Battle, you have earned 10,000 points.>

<You will now be able to initiate the Victor's Rights.>

<Please select either Loot the Storage Room or Loot the Domain.>


Woojin let out a dejected sound as he looked at Bibi.  She stood up from the Commander's Chair, and she made a V sign with her fingers.  She let out a soft laugh.

“Oh-heh-heh-heh.  You said you are going to give me the 10,000 points?”

“Y...yeah.  Who taught you?”

“It's a secret. Heh heh.”

“Was it Jaemin?”


Woojin knew his guess had been on point as he looked at Bibi's surprised reaction.

‘I knew that build order looked familiar to me.’

This could be called the speciality of the Korean people.

Weren’t Korean high school students only a step below pro gamers in most other countries?  Jaemin had been focused on his studies, so he hadn't enjoyed playing games as much as the other kids. Still, he was still much better than Bibi.

He knew the fundamental concepts behind the strategy games.


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