Chapter 129 - Liah

Chapter 129 - Liah

A woman with a black mask and sunglasses covering her face exited the arrival gate. There were a large group of people gathered there.  Each of them held a camera in their hand, and at a glance, there were over 50 of them.  However, not a single one of them paid attention to her.

They were like meerkats.  They had their heads raised, and they kept looking at the arrival station.


The woman frowned as she walked past the reporters.  When she got on the waiting van, she took off her mask.

“Uh whew.  Is it Kahng-woojin again?”

“Uh, Cindy. It seems so.”

Cindy let out a sigh at the manager's words.

“Why does he always come back from out of country when I'm coming back?”

“Ha ha.”

The manager could only laugh.  Cindy wasn’t being entirely truthful. Woojin wasn't scheduling his trips to foreign countries to coincide with her schedule.

It just happened to be that her schedule required her to visit China a lot.  This was why she used the airport frequently, and occasionally, her homecoming coincided with Kahng-woojin's arrival.

“Uh whew. Are these reporters unable to learn from their past experiences?”

How many times had Kahng-woojin used the the arrival gate to exit the airport?  Most of the time he used different routes to exit the airport.  She felt sorry for the reporters, who was waiting for him at the arrival gate out of stubborness.

“That is why reporters are lining up at every corner.”


Cindy's mouth dropped opened at the manager's words.

If reporters were covering every exit out of the airport, then how...

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