Chapter 128 - Dungeon Closer (3)

Chapter 128 - Dungeon Closer (3)

Only a handful of souls had left the corpses.  The several thousand corpses reacted to Woojin's magic, and every ounce of magic within the corpses were squeezed out.


Accompanying the sound of the explosion, which was ear splitting, Dread was vaporized.  This allowed Woojin to gain a good chunk of EXP.

<Level Up!>

He only needed to level up four more times to reach level 80.  The incredible explosion happened nearby, but the party was unharmed.

The deafening sound made their ears ring, but if one considered the size of the explosion, they had gotten of with minimal damage.


A semi-transparent barrier had enveloped the party. It blocked the heat, sound and debris from the explosion.  It blocked everything.

Blanka had his two hands raised as if he was holding up the sky.  Then Blanka threw up some blood.


He had overextended himself in his use of magic, so he tried to calm his twisted insides. He looked at Woojin with resentment in his eyes.

“Couldn't you have warned us what would happen?”

He had been nervous at the appearance of Dread, so he had prepared his barrier.  If he hadn't, they would have all been swept up into the explosion.  However, Woojin just shrugged his shoulders.

“You didn't have to take action.”


Spirit Armor.

The Spirit Armor always hovered around Woojin.  If there were any hint of danger, his barrier would form....

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