Chapter 127 - Dungeon Closer (2)

Chapter 127  - Dungeon Closer (2)


Woojin frowned.

He thought about the sloshing mass of body, who had dragged its body into his Domain.

“He's trying to dig a tunnel here?”

If he thought about the time it took to synchronize the Dungeon, it meant Dread had started linking his Dungeon to earth before he had visited Woojin’s Domain.  However, he couldn't help, but feel unhappy about it.

Woojin made a choice from several selections available to him.

<You are attempting the Clear Mode.>

<If you are successful in your Clear, you will be able to receive Achievement Points.>

“I'm a Buff type Roused.  I will put my blessing upon you.”

When they entered the Dungeon, Blanka tried to faithfully fulfill his role.  Woojin frowned.  If he was a Strengthening Type, then Woojin wouldn't have minded.  However, the Blessing type was incompatible with him.

It didn't give a synergistic effect.  In fact, it had a negative effect on him.

“I don't need you.  Just watch from the side and do nothing.”

“I'm also a Rank A Roused.  I can help the team...”

Blanka felt ignored, so he started to protest.  However, Woojin was already far away.  Baek-jungdoh shook his head from side to side as he looked at Blanka's sullen face.

“If he says wait, then just wait.”

Blanka turned to look at the man, who spoke so casually towards him.

Blanka was an Elite Roused of the Vishnu guild.  The guild was quite famous in India.  This was why he was proficient in speaking Korean, Japanese and Chinese.

Instead of a direct battle type, he was a Support...

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