Chapter 126 - Dungeon Closer

Chapter 126 Dungeon Closer.

Chapter 126 - Dungeon Closer

Sensei Guild's Meeting Room.

When the Minotaur with the large horn died, the screen turned off.

The footage recorded and projected by a fistsized marble was within Taguchi's hand.

It wasn't as expensive as a Return Portal, but it was about half its price. This was a play-back marble named 'Harris' Memory'.   The information they gained from using such an expensive item was minimal.


Sensei Guild's president let out a sigh, and the silence within the meeting room was broken.

“Is this it?”


Taguchi had done nothing wrong, but he irrationally felt guilty when he heard the president's words.  He had done three things during the Dungeon clear.

He watched, admired and recorded.

Amongst the four, Sunggoo and Woojin were the only members, who participated in battles. The rest of the party, Baek-jungdoh and Taguchi, followed behind as if they were on field trip.

Even Hong-sunggoo was an ancillary part of the battles as Woojin took the lead.  No, his summoned beings were the ones opening up the path.  They just followed behind riding the Phantom Steeds.

“How can he clear it so easily?”

“…didn't you just see it right now?”

“I'm saying it, because I'm having a hard time believing it even after seeing him in action.”


The greatest Roused of Japan had teamed up, and they had attempted the Dungeon three times.

They had asked for help from the government, since they had failed all three attempts....

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