Chapter 125 Lich Jaenis (3).

Chapter 125 Lich Jaenis (3).

Chapter 125 - Lich Jaenis (3) 

The station that needed clearing was the Namba station.

Woo-soonghoon put on a mean mug as he pressured the people from the Sensei guild with his fluent Japanese.

[How does that make any sense? We are here to help you, yet you want a joint raid!] 

[Please calm down. Isn't this also part of the business deal? We have to know how you cleared the Dungeon. If not, how are we going to gather the Bloodstones?] 

The Sensei guild's request made sense. However, they planned on traveling the globe, so they had to clear the Dungeon as fast as possible. Why would they spend enough time in the Dungeon to be able to make a Dungeon guide?

“Jeez. This is like saving a drowning person and the person tries to take your luggage.” 


Their expression hardened when they heard Soonghoon talking to himself.

In the end, they couldn't solve this problem by themselves, so they asked Woojin.

“So what should we do??” 

“What do you think?” 

Woojin questioned the person from the Sensei guild.

“I know Dungeon Business is great, but let's save Earth first.” 

“Are you getting a reward for the Dungeon Closing from the Japanese government? We are talking about the business deal. The first one to suggest this was Alandal.” 


Woojin asked Soonhoon a question.

“Who's in charge of public relations and making the schedules?” 


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