Chapter 123 - Lich Jaenis

Chapter 123 Lich Jaenis.

Chapter 123 - Lich Jaenis

Necia's Pillar was still being synchronized, so Adventurers could still attempt to clear it.  Unless they were moths drawn to a flame, they wouldn't rashly attack him.

Even if the Adventurers did show up, he had to worry only about one entrance.  He didn't have to divide his Domain's forces. He was confident in his 53 Death Knights.

Even if they received a group consisting of Adventurers of Relick's level, he would be able to defend against them.  Since no one will enter his Dungeon on earth, he didn't have to worry about his Dimensional Domain.

“So where should I go hunt….” 

He had a lot of options, but what would be the most efficient method?

If he gave up on his Protection period, he could request Domain Battles to the other lords.  Then he could ask for a re-match through Duel, and he could acquire the EXP by catching the Dimensional lords.

Or he could use the 12 day Protection period.  It was 3 days in Earth's time, and he could hunt by clearing the subway stations.

“I'm sure there are several links formed by now.” 

The more difficult Dungeons will start to link to Earth. There were probably several uncleared Dungeons that couldn't be resolved by the Roused of the world. 

If it only contained the Dungeon owner, one would just have to dispose all the monsters.  However, if it was a Dungeon with a Dimensional lord, the link will finalize and the Gate would open...

It wouldn't be a one...

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