Chapter 122 Visitors from Planet Jaku (2) .

Chapter 122 Visitors from Planet Jaku (2) .

Chapter 122 - Visitors from Planet Jaku (2)

After Relick's party visited his Dungeon, Woojin didn't expect to have much visitors. The number of times he could use the Return Portal was three, so he decided to focus on clearing the high rank Dungeons.

After 'Necia's Pillar' was Reset, Woojin's Domain of Alandal was linked to the Planet Jaku. He had worried about the residents of the Planet Jaku swarming his Dungeon to clear it. Instead, an unexpected guest came looking for him.

“This is….”

Woojin shook his head from side to side.

“So there's this method.”

Residents of the Planet Jaku weren't the only one to seek out Woojin's Dungeon. It was accurate to say that the Planet Jaku had already been taken over by the influence of Trahnet.

There were probably several dozen to several hundred Dimensional lords who possessed Dungeons on Planet Jaku. Necia's Pillar was registered under Alandal and a nearby Dimensional lord sought out Woojin's Domain.

<Lord 'Dread'-nim has come for a visit.>

“He's here again.”

In a match between lords, there were a lot of options one could choose for battle.

When his most recent visitor entered Woojin's Dungeon, he finally comprehended the message that had popped up when he entered Juliel's Wilderness.

At the time, he had no idea what it...

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