Chapter 121 - Visitors from Planet Jaku

Chapter 121 Visitors from Planet Jaku.

Chapter 121 - Visitors from Planet Jaku

<You've earned the Dungeon 'Necia's Pillar' as Duel Reward.>

<You've earned 30,000 points as Duel Reward.>

<You are initiating the Revenger's Punishment.>

<You've recovered the 10 thousand Points you lost.>

<You've recovered the looted items.>

Woojin smiled at the consecutive announcements that popped up.

Duel and Dimensional Battle both had a minimum bet of 10,000 points. The difference is whether one wanted to fight with the Domain's power or one wanted to fight for himself.

He had earned an additional 20,000 points he had bet, and when the Revenge succeeded, he recovered the 10,000 points he had lost initially.

<You are initiating the Victor's Claim.>

<Please choose between Loot the Storage Room or Loot the Domain.>

There were different types of Looting. One could choose either the Domain's Asset or the Domain lord's personal wealth. Woojin decided to loot the Domain.

<You've taken 5% of Comode's Swamp.>

<You've captured 17 Domain Residents as prisoners.>

<You've seized 700 points of Bloodstones.>

<You've seized two Huts and a Wolf Training Facility.>

The looted items were stored into the Inventory, and the looted items could be accessed using the Looted Item Management window. Soon, the end to the Duel was announced....

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