Chapter 120 Battle (2) .

Chapter 120 Battle (2) .

Chapter 120 - Battle (2)

<You have bet the minimum points of 10,000.>

He wanted to bet only 10%, but the minimum he could bet was 10,000.

<The opponent has bet his Dungeon. Would you like to include 'Seoul Station's 1st Exit' to the bet?>


He couldn't put his Dungeon on the line in an uncertain battle. When Woojin refused that bet, his opponent tried to make several more bets. The opponent tried to bet for other items, equipments, even main buildings in his Domain. However, he rejected them all.

<The Dimensional Battle with 10,000 points on the line is starting.>

In the end, the battle started with the most basic 10,000 points on the line.

Woojin sat on his throne. He was laid back as he viewed the Dimensional Battle.

He only had a brief amount of time but he was able to build military facilities and supply depots inside his Domain. Thus, it was possible to use those building inside the Dimensional Battle.

Bibi had studied as best as she could with the book. She substantially increased the size of her camp and expanded the troops under her. However, the control she had over the battle was where she was lacking compared to her opponent. She was holding on for now, but defeat seemed inevitable.

He felt sorry for Bibi, but he had seen enough. Woojin pulled up the information...

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