Chapter 119 - Battle

Chapter 119 Battle .

Chapter 119 - Battle


The Orc Soldiers let out a roar to boost their courage.

Since it was a battle between 7 vs 3, the result seemed already set in stone. Wooijin possessed one of the Orc Soldiers to direct the three Orcs.

He had lost 3 Orc Soldiers, yet he was able to eliminate 4 infantrymen. However, there were still 3 enemies left.

“Everyone gather here.”

Woojin gathered all the workers, and a single Orc Soldier exited the training facility just in time. He once again possessed the Orc Soldier and was able to eliminate all four infantryman.

However, Woojin could see 10 more infantrymen approaching from the distance.

“I lost. How frustrating.”

This was like playing with dolls.

Woojin ended the mock battle without any regrets.


The vision in front of him crumbled and the world broke apart. He blinked as his vision brightened once again, and Woojin was able to see his Dimensional Domain. The Holy Maiden hadn't moved an inch as she waited for him.

“How was it?”

“It was very frustrating.”

It was understandable. One's own abilities were restricted. The Immortal had never experienced such an event before, so his frustration would be felt that much more.

“All the Dimensional lords are doing this?”

The other lords were growing their own Dimensional Domain through these frivolous matches? Woojin tasted bitterness in his mouth. The ingredient that fueled all of this was the Energy. When...

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