Chapter 118 - Mock Battle

Chapter 118 Mock Battle.

Chapter 118 - Mock Battle


Woojin grabbed the back of Melody's neck after she passed through the Return Portal.


She felt her neck being choked. The sudden change in her situation made Melody look back at Woojin with trembling eyes. He was glaring at her with indifferent eyes.

“Whose vassal are you?”

“P...Please Immortal...”

Melody looked at Woojin with frightened eyes. His indifferent and emotionless eyes was the gaze of the Immortal, whom she knew well. She couldn't read a single iota of emotion from his eyes. She couldn't look into his eyes.


Melody’s neck was being squeeze, so it was hard for her to even breathe.

“ isn't like that. I'm also a Dimensional lord.”

Woojin let go of her neck.

“Huh-ook. Huhk.”

Melody was breathing hard. The Immortal has shown his killing intent for a brief, but the mental pressure she felt left her exhausted.

“So you aren't a vassal of some other Dimensional Lord?”


“Then how did you come through the Dungeon?”

Melody was from the Planet Alphen. She had used a Dungeon that acted as a tunnel connecting the planet to the Dimensional Domain.

She had been inside a Dungeon, yet she hadn't been harmed by the monsters.

This was why Woojin guessed that she was a vassal of the Dungeon's owner.

“I used to have a Dimensional Domain.”

“Used to? How about now?”

“It was taken away from...

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