Chapter 116 - Alandal’s State of Affair

Chapter 116 Alandal’s State of Affair.

Chapter 116 - Alandal’s State of Affair

The fire alarm went off and the people started to pour out of the building. A wall of soaked people was blocking the entrance.

“Hey, get outta my way! Why are you guys standing there like dumbasses!”

The greedy Choi-taeoh's will to live was extraordinary. He pushed as people fell and was finally able to exit outside.

“All right. I'm alive.”

He didn't know if it was a small or large fire. However, wasn't it prudent to move to safety first? He couldn't just stay behind. He didn’t trust the National Assembly building's fire suppression system. Choi-taeoh's suspicion and his will to live was as bloated as his stomach.

After barely getting past the group of people, the fresh air greeted him. The water from the sprinkler system had soaked his suit, so he wasn't feeling that great. There was the additional cost of dry cleaning he would have to pay. He decided he’d rather just buy a new one.... He recovered his sense of dignity, which he had lost as he was escaping the building.

“Uh-huh! What's with the sudden commotion!”

He started angrily scolding others. He wanted to know what had caused the fire alarm, but no one responded to him. Everyone was half frozen, and they were hesitatingly standing in place.


The people gathered around the entrance, facing Choi-taeoh.

The two sides were looking at each other awkwardly. Actually, the...

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